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Understanding Mold

Mold spores exist everywhere in nature. Their role is to break down organic material such as leaves wood etc.  This however, becomes an issue when the spore count is elevated indoors. Not only can it be hazardous to your health, but it drastically increases the chance of visible mold growth.

We understand that in order for this to take place there must be a source of water, whether it be an active leak or or elevated humidity levels.  We use tools such as moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to help identify these problems.  An air test can also be conducted to measure the type and amount if spores present within the living space.


Common places to find Mold

Mold can be found in many places throughout the house. The most common places to check are:

• Attics

• Exterior Basement Walls

• Bathrooms

• Kitchens

• Windows

• Cold Rooms

Signs You Have Mold 


Cold/allergy-like symptoms - if you or your family members ever experience cold or allergy-like symptoms, but don't have a cold or allergies, there is a good chance mold could be the culprit.

Odor - if you are constantly smelling an earthy, musty, wet odor but can pinpoint where it's coming from there's a good chance it's being produced by mold. Mold is very good at growing in places that are of sight, but it's not good and hiding it's odor.

Visually - obviously if you spot discoloration on materials in your home, usually green or black in color then it's pretty obvious you have a mold problem. Some common places to check visually in your home are:

• Window Sills
• Baseboards
• Bathroom Vanities
• Showers/Bathtubs
• Underneath Kitchen Sinks
• Behind Appliances
• Cold Rooms
• Attics

Inspection & Air Testing


Call or email us now to have one of our certified mold inspectors come out and properly identify the mold problem. With over 10 years of experience, you can be assured that the situation will be assessed accurately and that you will be thoroughly educated on the problem and solution.

We also offer air quality testing. This is recommended as both a pre and post-remediation measure. A lot of times people experience allergy or cold-like symptoms or can't pinpoint a wet or earthy odor. An air quality test is effective at determining if mold is the culprit. It's also recommended after remediation is complete to ensure that it was done properly and successfully.

Our Quality Guarantee

Get the results you deserve at a very reasonable price. Our highly trained professionals work safely in accordance with the Ministry of Labour, Mold, and Lead control guidelines to ensure safe and effective work. We also offer drywall replacement for your convenience, avoiding the hassle of hiring another contractor to rebuild, or living in a house that is essentially under construction. Check us out on Homestars to see more photos and customer reviews. Why go through the hassle of hiring multiple companies when you can just hire us? Not only do we safely remove your mold, but we offer small repair services and so much more.


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Mold Solutions Canada.
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